Balancing your health in equal parts

Let’s assume that you are completely unhealthy at this point in time. You are heavily overweight and feel pretty bloated by the time you have completed your feast of pizza, burgers, or any other junk you are used to eating. And yet you are hungry just two hours later. You love sport but you are what they call an armchair enthusiast. And your favorite pastime is, of course, watching TV to all hours of the night. Finally, you have never done a day’s exercise in your life.

Well, not since you left high school, and even then you did not like extra mural activities that entailed you raising more than just a sweat. Considering all of the above that may just describe you, look at things positively. You are not a happy chappy at this point in time, you have to admit, so here you have an opportunity to change your life for the better. You are in a better place than most average men and women because a lot of the time you will be learning new things about yourself pretty much every day for at least the next six months of your life.

You have a great opportunity to balance your entire life in equal parts now. You will be focusing on health and wellness. What this means is that while you embark on the journey of transforming your life positively to one that is healthy, you are also looking at new ways to be happy. Life is not perfect, so inevitably you will still have your ups and downs. But at least when you are lighter, slim and fit, thanks to regular exercise and healthy eating, your chances of being happy are increased.