Who’s who in the celebrity net worth zoo?

This is the big question for you today. You might have already thought that this would be a rather easy question to answer, seeing as though you already have a few of your favorite celebs to hand. But, this is not even a trick question for you; just how much do you know about your favorite celebrities. Gulp, it’s like stony silence out there, or have we just gone deaf. No offence to Marlee Matlin, she’ll know what we mean. She’s one of those famous celebrities who was able to make something of herself against all odds.

Some say she’s hearing disabled, while others will say she’s hearing challenged, but what, really, is the difference. Read all about her and you’ll find out just how she could make a success of her life. Her celebrity net worth may be quite modest in comparison to some of today’s super stars, but who cares, she has her admirers. Now, if she could make a success of her life, just think about all those other unsung heroes and heroines out there, the one’s you never hear about. Aren’t they the real celebrities? Well, not really, not in today’s definition of a celebrity.

celebrity net worth

Today’s definition of a celebrity with high net worth to boot is quite broad. It depends on how you value your own firm favorites and it depends on your own interests in life. Being a celebrity in today’s life no longer means that you’ve got to be a famous movie or rock star with mega bucks in the bank and a luxurious pad along Malibu. Speaking of the bank, there are billionaire worth bankers who are now listed as celebrities. But you know what, a number of them have risen through the ranks through notorious means.

You’d have to know a little something about banking and economics to figure that one out. Or you’d have to have quite a strong grudge against some of these men due to your experience of being shortchanged or rejected. Today’s most enduring celebrities are the twenty first century entrepreneurs. They, well, a number of them anyway, all came from humble beginnings and struggled to get to where they are today. You’ll see that they bear no grudges against famous bankers who turned down their big ideas.

You’d think that it wouldn’t matter no more seeing as they’re all raking in the billions these days. But you see, it does matter. It matters a great deal. You’d need to check out their bios or profiles to learn about the innovative ways they’ve managed to raise the capital to fund their dream-like projects. We shouldn’t be calling it a dream anymore because, in most cases, these big time entrepreneurs’ projects are a matter of reality and it is already influencing our lives and impacting on the way we think and the way we do the things we do today.