Kayla Itsines Will Help You Get The Perfect Toned Stomach

When summertime comes around, many women despair. Winter means comfort food, baggy clothes and not caring about how toned you are. Unfortunately, all this leads to you being out of shape and definitely not beach ready by the time summer comes around. The problem area that most women point to when asked what part of their body they’d like to tone most is their stomach. The unfortunate truth is that this is the last place you’ll lose weight, so working on getting a flat stomach certainly won’t be easy if you’re looking for real results. If you hate the gym and don’t know how else to exercise, Sweat by Kayla might be the app for you.

Sweat by Kayla

This app makes it easy to get your daily exercise in from the comfort of your home. All you need is your phone and a few workout tools and you’ll be good to go. You don’t need any machines such as treadmills and all the exercises are easily done in your living room. Recommended items to have are a good yoga mat and weights. Sweat by Kayla is designed to help you lose weight and get healthy. Each day you’ll be guided by the app through another workout. You can track your progress on the app itself by entering your height and weight when you start. Setting your goals on this app will help you to stay motivated and completely your workouts every day. If you read most any Sweat With Kayla Review you’ll see that this feature is an excellent addition.

Kayla is an excellent fitness guru because she makes an effort to connect with her fans. Her Instagram account is full of quick workouts, tips and more. It would be a good idea to get an Instagram account if you’re planning on using this app to workout, since there’s a large community of women (and some men!) on Instagram who follow Kayla’s fitness plans. This community supports each other and will also motivate you and help you stay on track with your workouts. If you’re feeling like you need extra motivation to complete a workout, you can scroll through some of the before and after pictures of other people who are doing Kayla Itsines’ workouts and you’ll see that it’s worth it to persevere and get those results.

The reason why Kayla’s workouts are so good for getting a flat stomach in particular is because she focuses on both the stomach itself as well as overall cardio. While abdominal exercises will help to strengthen and define your core, you won’t actually see that definition until you lose the excess fat in that area. The only way to lose this fat is to lose fat all over, which is done through full-body workouts and cardio such as Kayla does. Kayla is also a big advocate for clean eating and urges all her followers to eat healthy as well as exercise. She admits that healthy diet plays a much bigger role in a slim figure than exercise does, though the two together certainly works faster than a diet alone.