Is Car Shipping Safe During Covid 19?

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Are you in need of shipping your vehicle, but there’s a lingering fear at the back of your mind about COVID19 spread? You’re not sure if shipping the vehicle using a car transport service is safe during the pandemic?

Well, you’re not alone in this, many of our customers ask the same from us, but after they see us in action and following all SOPs, they happily hire us to ship a car for them. Here are a few things to know if you’re concerned about the safety of auto shipping during COVID19.

Car Shipping is Safest Mode to Move a Car During COVID19:

If you are thinking how safe it is to ship a car using an auto transport company amid the pandemic, then it’s pretty safe! Here are a few reasons for that:

  • You Stay At Home: What’s better? Driving the car on your own to hundreds of miles, making several stops for gas, food, and accommodation, or just staying within the protection of your home? The latter one, of course, right? Well, car transport gives you that opportunity. You stay at your home, protected from the external environment where the virus is lurking, while your car still gets to its destination.
  • No One Else Drives the Car: If you’re worried that someone else will drive your car to its location and leave their germs inside, don’t. Your car will be loaded on top of a hauler, which means no one will drive it to its destination – the truck will take it there. Yes, the driver will load and unload it by driving the car up and down the ramp. But for that, a simple disinfecting spray inside the car after the delivery should be enough.

Plus, professional companies will make their drivers take necessary precautions like wearing masks/gloves and using sanitizers so your vehicle will stay protected. Now, of course, there will be many companies not taking any precautions which can put you or your family at risk.

So you need to work with the one that’s very careful about the basics like physical distance, wearing the mask, disinfecting their carrier, and so on. Here are a few useful ways to find out if they take safety measures seriously:

  • Visit their website and see if they’ve posted their COVID19 SOPs or, at the very least, any article about the safety measures they take while transporting cars during COVID.
  • Secondly, ask their past customers who’ve shipped a car using them during the pandemic. Find out if they noticed the drivers taking necessary precautions when picking up and dropping off their cars.

These things should give you a pretty good idea to gauge how safe it is to move a car using a particular auto shipping company during the pandemic.

Use Proper Precautions:

Now that you know what to do to find a company that’s following all the SOPs, its your turn to follow some when shipping your car and when receiving it.

We’ve already done a detailed guide talking about how you can ensure your complete safety from the spread of this virus. Make sure to read it fully – it has precautions for every time you interact with the car shipping carrier.

Parting Words:

Granted, it’s a little bit of extra effort to ship a car using vehicle transport service during COVID19 spread, but it is also the safest way to do so.

You just need to follow a few precautions, find the company that follows them as well, and that should be enough to guarantee your safety.

You can also call us to move a car; we religiously follow all the COVID19 safety precautions.

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